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The 14 Day Product Challenge

We've created the 14 Day Product to help you create a product in the next two weeks. Every day, you'll receive daily emails that will guide you through creating a product in 14 days. You'll learn how to pick a topic, build a landing and product page, write and create your product, and launch your product.

At the end of the 14 days, you'll be selling a product on Gumroad.

What the course includes:

  • Daily emails and a PDF with instructions, tips, and resources from Gumroad experts for 14 days to keep you accountable and on track.

  • Access to the private Gumroad community to receive feedback and support from the Gumroad team and course participants.

Join the #14DayProduct Course and become a creator with the Gumroad Community.


Q: If I don't have an idea/audience, can I still participate?

Absolutely. The first two days of the course will be focused on generating topic ideas that play to your strengths and helping you select one topic to focus on in the next two weeks.

Building in public is also a great way to build an audience. If you don't have an audience, giving away free chapters or videos from your product and posting regular updates on what you're creating in the #14DayProduct course can be a great way to build an audience.

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  • Access to the Gumroad Community. The Product Guide.
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The 14 Day Product Challenge

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