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102 Tips For Creators, By Creators

Happy Sunday, creators - here’s a sales recap of the past week:

  • 13,579 creators earned something.

  • 3,676  creators earned more than $100.

  • 663 creators earned more than $1,000.

  • 30  creators earned more than $10,000.

  • 1 creator earned more than $100,000.

And in this week’s newsletter, we cover:

  • 102 Tips For Creators, By Creators

  • Why Thomas Edison would start a startup today

  • How Hank Green grew to 5.5M followers on TikTok

Let’s jump right in.

Advice From The $100k Club

Every creator starts at $0 and aims to make it to the six-figure club.

But getting there comes with many roadblocks.

So, we asked 102 Gumroad creators who were once in your shoes for their top tip to help creators who are striving to make their first $100,000 selling digital products.

Below are just 6 of the 102 tips from our Gumroad creators:

  1. Briehive

“My most effective tip is to understand your audience... know what their problem is so that YOU can provide them with a solution. Everyone, including your friends and family, isn’t your target audience.”

  1. Stirling Cooper

“Read every Twitter reply you get, every DM someone sends, every youtube comment on your videos, every email in your inbox. Pay close attention to THE PROBLEMS people are seeking answers to. If you can solve people's problems, then you'll always have customers.”

  1. Feldon Richards

“Just create. One of the biggest delays in creating a course is planning. Planning is important, but It means nothing without execution. You have a skill. You have the knowledge. Don’t be afraid to share whatever It is you know. You’re doing the world a disservice being afraid to teach.”

  1. Traf

“First breadth, then depth. Explore, then exploit. The only way to fail is by doing nothing.”  

  1. SplitSuit

“I highly recommend experimenting with the "name your own price" option, especially for items you might otherwise give away for free. This is a great way to build your email list when a new audience member decides to enter "0", and an even better way for existing audience members to denote what they think your product is actually worth.” 

  1. Creative Shrimp

“Make something you wish was available when you were first starting out. Make it concise, make it visually cool (the first bite is with the eye), and make it something you know you'll be able to complete to a high level.”

There are still 96 more tips to help you grow your income as a Gumroad creator.

You can read the remaining tips here.

What’s Happening In The Creator Economy

  • Tell us if we should support NFTs here

  • Sometimes the best thing to do is...this

  • How to write better with Joshua Lisec

  • How Dr. Flip turned his side hobby into a $10k product

  • The top 38 UI kits for designing web and mobile apps

  • Want to be a guest on the Gumroad podcast? Apply here

“Thomas Edison Today Would Start A Startup”

Sahil believes that early-stage startups are “incredibly important for innovation, for the development of science and technology.”

In those startups, he looks for founders who are builders, tinkerers, and inventors.

Because of this, Sahil will know in the first 90 seconds if he’s going to invest in the startup.

And this is just one section from the latest episode of The Gumroad Podcast where Justin Mikolay and Sahil Lavingia discuss:

  • The benefits of creating an affiliate program

  • How Gumroad has improved our payout process, features, and pricing

  • How Gumroad will focus on online education in the future

  • Sahil’s investment thesis

  • What Sahil looks for in founders

You can listen to the full episode here.

Mastering TikTok With Hank Green

Last week, TikTok surpassed 1 billion users.

And every day, it seems like a new creator explodes in growth on the platform.

To accelerate your growth, Sahil chatted with Hank Green, who unveiled the inside of his playbook to conquer TikTok.

Hank surged his way to 5.5M followers and broke down how creators can create content that the algorithm favors.
You can listen to the episode of creator school here.

7 Lessons From Selling Over $100,000 in Digital Products

From Getting Started, to tips to grow as a creator from Jose Rosado's 7 lessons on how he achieved $100k in sales:
1. Stop pressuring yourself

2. "Build it and they'll come" is fake news

3. Compare yourself with the competition at your peril

4. Always be documenting

5. Always be researching your audience

6. Streamline your process

7. Sell your process

Join our community and be part of the discussions to help you grow as a creator. 

Until next week,

The Gumroad Team

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