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5 Popular Gumroad Products to Download for Free

The community of talented creators on Gumroad are always sharing free items. So we thought of sharing 5 of these awesome freebies with you!

This week alone on Gumroad:

  • 810 creators published freebies
  • 24,139 customers downloaded freebies

These 5 products were downloaded over 19,000 times already this month:

MineBricks (v5)

MineBricks is the perfect Minecraft add-on for all LEGO fans. With so many resource packs released daily for Minecraft, this download stands out as a refreshing and original release. This is the resource pack that many Minecraft players have been craving: the textures meticulously adapt Minecraft blocks to match the look & feel of authentic LEGO bricks. Both the 128x and 256x versions are free, with paid versions costing just ~ $5.

This marks the fifth version of MineBricks, which has consistently improved with more textures, shaders, and visual resources added with every release. We can only hope that you don't hurt your feet from walking over plastic bricks all the time!

Loki Title Sequence - After Effects

Marvel Studios' popular new TV show “Loki” marks the return of the iconic mercurial villain played by Tom Hiddleston in a new series that takes place after the events of “Avenger’s: Endgame.” Ben Marriott has recreated the iconic title sequence for this series from scratch in After Effects, and the complete project file is available to download for free.

The “Loki” title sequence features dark vintage textures with ransom note-style typography — and all the fonts are openly available via Adobe Fonts. Be sure not to miss the video tutorial on YouTube where Ben walks through the entire creation process!

99 Drum Samples II

The indie sound design label 99Sounds is generously offering their 99 Drum Samples II on a pay-what-you-want basis (no minimum) — a steal compared to the regular $9.99 price tag. This is the follow-up to the 99 Drum Samples I, which is reportedly 99Sounds’ most popular release to date.

You can download and use 99 Drum Samples II completely free of charge. Add new flavors & rhythms to your music with this premium-quality drum sample collection crafted by 99Sounds.

50 Ultimate CSS Threads

While CSS development isn’t technically a “programming language,” it certainly has a reputation for being difficult or frustrating for some to learn. That’s what inspired Pratham (aka. CSS Magician on Twitter) to compile this resource for the benefit of web developers and designers all around the world: a set of 50 ultimate Twitter threads on CSS and web development.

If you’re a Gumroad creator, there’s a good chance that you’ve taken a quick look at customizing CSS on our platform. This resource is a great place to start — whether you’re a beginner with no coding experience, or an expert looking to brush up on your CSS. 

1000 Growth Hacks for SaaS

Growth is a priority for any software-as-a-service (SaaS) startup, and this Google Sheet with over 1,000 growth hacks might just hold the key to discovering the next 10× inflection point for your SaaS business! Download this insight-packed resource for free.


We hope these freebies help inspire and enable you to create more amazing products yourself!

We’ll be back in a couple of weeks with more free products; in the meantime, don’t miss your chance to download these awesome products.

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