A new Gumroad launches this Black Friday. Get a sneak peek!

Growth is uncomfortable, but not growing is worse.

We're launching a whole new Gumroad this Friday, and I'd like to give you a sneak peek. You can register for a short 30 minute webinar tomorrow, where I'll walk through the new Gumroad and give you a bunch of assets you can use in your marketing materials for Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales.

It's scary to do something so big on the biggest day of the year, but it's also an exciting opportunity to use the moment to drive as much awareness to the new launch–and to your products–as possible!

Register for the webinar here.



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Frederick Woodruff

Congratulations you guys and gals! Love how GR has really hunkered in to keep up its traction and ascent. Bravo/brava!

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I'd love to join, but won't be able to at that time. Will the vid be available afterwards?

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Easy App Reports

I wonder what's coming now 👀 Guess we'll have to wait until later

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VoiceLikeCandy - NSFW Voice Actress

I hope there will be a way to make multiple purchases at once. I wasn't aware that you took away the cart feature until a customer complained to my Discord channel tonight.

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Im in it to win it

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Yvonne Bailey

Really love the new look. Thanks all for your hard work.

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