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A Sample of User Interface Quality Improvements

While we spend lots of time working on big, exciting features like upcoming Apple Pay and Memberships Refresh, we also invest in quality of life improvements and tackling bugs. A single small bug can hinder a feature, preventing said feature from helping creators.

A "bug" doesn't have to be an error. User interface nits can act as barriers to affordances (things the system helps you do). Fixing bits of bad user experience is often just as valuable as creating the feature in the first place and needs a smaller time investment.

This post highlights a couple of UX improvements from this week that are representative of our continuous investment in software quality. 

Bugfix: Custom URL UI Fix

The GIF above shows the issue: a mix of editable and uneditable text confuses the cursor and makes the custom URL field much easier to work with. The new UI for this field is below.

Due to the UI bug, some creators were not even aware of the feature. Here is a short summary, it takes 30 seconds to configure and use.

Every Gumroad product has a unique short URL that is great for posting to social media. By default, it is a random five-character sequence. However, you can customize this URL with any text you want, so long as it is globally unique (that is, no other account has a product with that link).

When you find an available link that you like, you can save your changes and publish your product.

Finally, send your audience to []( and they will reach your product page!

Bugfix: Cover Image Carousel Hit Area

Another user interface nit was the size and positioning of the arrow that let people looking at your product browse through multiple cover images. When the images were different sizes, which is quite common, the previous and next arrows jumped around vertically on the page, requiring a precise mouse movement in between each click. We fixed that.

Regardless of image size, the "hit area," or clickable area of an image in a carousel of product preview images is 100% of the image height. This makes all image galleries easier to scroll through and especially improves user experience with images of varying sizes.

These are just two examples of the things our engineers work to fix on Gumroad. As always, if you have user interface (or any) bugs or things you would love to see fixed, let us know at We can't build everything, and we definitely can't build everything right away, but we love improving the site based on user feedback.

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