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Build A Social Media Growth Machine

Happy Sunday, Creators!

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In this week's newsletter, we cover:

  • How to build a growth machine on social media
  • Offering free trials to customers
  • How to build an email list
  • How The Cold Email Wizard built a business empire

Let's get right into it.

How To Build A Growth Machine On Social Media

Thanks to social media, any creator can build an audience. And having that audience is an asset to launching products and building a sustainable income as a creator.

We’ve interviewed hundreds of creators and pulled together five of the best practices to help you create an audience-building machine.

1. Find The Growth Content

Every platform has its growth content. This means content that the algorithm favors and expands its organic reach drastically. For example, currently on Instagram, Reels are the platform’s growth content. As a result, creators are growing their accounts at a fast rate by taking advantage of Reels and their potential for infinite reach.

2. Form Your Identity

Your identity is a magnet that attracts fans. It’s what people know you for. For example, an artist wouldn’t publish business content in hopes of building an audience around art. The identities don’t match. The more someone feels aligned with your values, the more they’ll develop a shared identity with you.

3. Focus On Edutainment

Edutainment is content that combines a mix of education and entertainment. The best creators create valuable content in the form of edutainment. They’re able to keep their audience’s attention while delivering education that provides immense value.

4. Scale It

Scaling your growth content is where the magic happens. By scaling your content, you create an expectation where your audience expects you to deliver value. The more you can meet this expectation, the more you will establish yourself as a dominant figure within your domain.

5. Be Relevant

Content floods your audience’s feed every second. One of the best ways to stand out is by creating content relevant to your target audience’s conversations. By injecting your content into the hot topics, you keep your personal brand top of mind while maximizing eyeballs.

Here’s What We Shipped For Gumroad Creators

You can now offer your customers a free trial of your membership product for a fixed duration:

We added consumption progress for eBooks and videos on Web, iOS, and Android:

What’s Happening In The Creator Economy

Building One Of The Most Valuable Assets As A Creator

As a creator, your email list is a line of communication with your truest fans.

The fans who want a relationship with you beyond a social platform.

This is why email marketing still delivers the highest ROI in comparison to any other channel.

Because of this, we created a free 5-day course to help you build an email list.

You’ll learn how to use Gumroad to start generating an email list from day one.

Today is the last day to join the other hundred plus creators.

You can sign up for the cohort here.

How Daniel aka The Cold Email Wizard Built a Business Empire That Started With A $15 E-Book

Our Senior Writer, Justin Mikolay, chatted with one of Gumroad’s top creators, The Cold Email Wizard, for another episode of The Gumroad Podcast.

This episode provides creators with a playbook to start with a small product and scale it to a full-blown business.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • What social media platforms you should use
  • What ads Daniel is running to deliver a 15-20x ROI
  • How Daniel scaled his product from $15 to $250
  • How to increase your customer lifetime value
  • How to funnel customers from one product to another

You can listen to the full episode here.

Thriving In The Online Economy Starts With Building Your Online CV

The online economy shifts how we showcase our work.

The pocket of the internet you create is now your CV.

Meaning any piece of content that you distribute is now a representation of your talent stack.

And your talent stack is a representation of your interests, experiences, and skills.

View our Instagram to see our tactics for thriving in the online economy.

Tom Shooter Felt Stuck Until He Asked Our Community For Help

For the last 10 years, Tom Shooter was paid to travel.

But now, he wants to slow down and use the experiences and knowledge he’s learned and launch a product.

Short on ideas, Tom turned to our community for help.

And the results were tips and tactics to help Tom start monetizing his skills.

You can view the post here and join in on the conversation.

On another note, we have a HUGE announcement coming your way on Monday.

Make sure to keep your eyes peeled :)

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