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Creator Dashboard App for Android

Today, we're launching the Gumroad creator dashboard app for Android.

You can download it from the Play store here:

Feature Parity

Once you log into your Gumroad account on the Android app, you'll be able to see daily, monthly, and lifetime sales on your account. For each transaction, you can see your customer's email, what they bought, when they bought it, and how much they paid. If you have email notifications turned on, you can also get push notifications from the app itself every time you make a sale. This matches the functionality of the iOS app.

The app is a read-only view of this data: you can't issue refunds, look at analytics, send posts, or take any other actions on the app. For that, you'll need to head over to your account on the web. The app also does not currently show sales that you drove as an affiliate. Now that we have an iOS and an Android engineer working at Gumroad again, we will be able to bring more feature updates to all Gumroad apps, though our upcoming focus is on improving the consumer app on both operating systems.

Oh, and we couldn't resist throwing in one thing that iOS doesn't have: dark mode!

Why We Built It

Gumroad builds tools for creators, which includes building tools for said creators' audiences. With limited engineering resources, we focus on building for the web, which is cross-platform and gives the highest return on investment. However, we offer both creators and their audiences apps. The Gumroad app for customers is the Gumroad library app, which lets you download and view content that you've bought on Gumroad. The creator app, also known as the dashboard app, lets you see your sales. While the customer app has been available on both Android and iOS for quite some time, the creator app was iOS-only until today.

We are working on lots of stuff at Gumroad, so why invest in creating an Android app for creators? Well, people were asking for it, and the data backs up these requests.

In November, 13.88% of creators with a session that included visiting viewed it on a device running android, but 20.07% of the sessions were from that OS. While more iOS users overall viewed the page, including more new users, they were responsible for far fewer sessions per user, suggesting that the availability of the iOS app cuts down on the amount of times creators have to check their analytics when all they want to know is recent and total sales figures.

Available Today

If you are a Gumroad Creator with an Android device, download it today from the Google Play Store!

Plus: Upcoming Event

On Wednesday, December 9th, at 10 AM PST, Randall Kanna is hosting "The 5 Things You Need To Fix If You Want to Skyrocket your Sales" on Zoom. Join live and ask questions or check the event out afterwards on YouTube.

Register here:

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