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If you've used Gumroad before, you've probably been annoyed to learn that all the great permalinks have been taken. Previously, there was one "book" on Gumroad. No more! Now, every creator gets their own.

E.g. You can now use "book" for your book, "course" for your course, "membership" for your membership!

(This is possible because last year we switched to creator-led subdomains.)

Have fun customizing!


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Is this working currently because I just put one in that does not exist on our store, though I then used one that surely should be taken elsewhere and it worked. Also, is this going to break older style links?

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I just used some name that I haven't yet used and it says it's already taken for some reason.

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Sounds neat! Better customization is a good thing, hooray to URLs that make sence.

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May I ask how to apply for a subdomain like that and a customizable URL? Gumroad has become so counterintuitive since the last major design update.

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Fred McDonald

Who do I contact with a printing mistake? I received two books "Kid by the Side of the Road" with missing pages.

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Emma Steve I.

Very good improvement

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