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5 Ways To Double Your Membership Sales

Happy Sunday, creators - here’s a sales recap

  • 13,215 creators earned something this week.

  • 3,670 creators earned more than $100 this week.

  • 635 creators earned more than $1,000 this week.

  • 36 creators earned more than $10,000 this week.

  • 1 creator earned more than $100,000 this week.

And in this week’s newsletter, we’re going to cover:

  • 5 ways to double your paid membership

  • How to create and own a market category with Nicolas Cole

  • How Janel Loi used her newsletter to inspire her products

Grab your coffee, and let’s go. 

5 Ways To Double Your Membership Sales

To many creators, the idea of going independent is daunting. They fear an unpredictable income but crave the freedom that comes with the lifestyle. 

This is where paid memberships come into play. Paid memberships help creators develop a recurring revenue that gives them the ability to predict their income. 

These five tips will help you get more paying members:

  1. Create A Community

Creating an engaged community develops a competitive advantage over other creators in your industry. By building a community, you’re bringing people together who share similar interests, values, and problems. You can use the community to develop stronger relationships with community members before offering your membership.

  1. Join Communities 

On the other end, you can join thriving communities where your target audience already hangs out. Here, you can engage with other members and provide value to become a thought leader within the community. You can use this to send people to your membership.

  1. Use A Lower Priced Product To Upsell

Create a lower-priced product that compliments what your membership offers. Sell and market the lower-priced product, then use that to upsell your membership. It’s much more cost-effective to upsell an existing customer who takes value from your product than acquiring a new customer.

  1. Start A Newsletter

Launch a newsletter that acts as top of funnel marketing for your membership. Meaning, create or curate content in your newsletter that your ideal paid member would find valuable and use that as the base of your free newsletter. Over time, you can funnel subscribers to your paid membership.

  1. Create A Lead Magnet With An Offering

Take a valuable piece of content from your membership and convert 70% of it into a lead magnet. This makes the piece of content valuable but also creates a cliffhanger where the consumer will desire the remaining content. Offer a discount or bundle to convert the reader into a paying member.

If you’re looking for a complete guide to launching your membership, then click here.

What’s Happening In The Creator Economy 

How To Create Demand For Your Product As A Creator

Are you struggling to generate demand for your product?

Nicolas Cole believes this is because many creators enter categories where there is a clear market leader in hopes of taking a piece of the pie.

Instead, creators should frame the category or problem as this frames the creator as the market leader.

You do this by framing a problem so specific that you create the category.

This is the exact formula Nicolas Cole, and Dickie Bush used to create Ship 30 for 30.

In this episode of the Gumroad podcast, you will learn:

  • How to generate demand for your product

  • How to create new categories

  • How to own a market

  • How to write better

  • And much more

You can listen to the full episode here or watch the discussion here.

From Less Than 50 Followers On Twitter To Tens Of Thousands Of Dollars On Gumroad

In 2020, Janel Loi started exploring her curiosities.

She was bored during the pandemic and started experimenting with No-Code tools and writing a newsletter called Brain Paint.

By April 2020, she shared content related to newsletters and built an audience, helping others write effective newsletters.

Her audience loved it, and this was the seed for Janel to start building her first product.

150 hours later, she created Newsletter OS and made tens of thousands of dollars

This is how Janel did it.

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