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How To Generate A Sale Every Day

We’re back with another edition of the Gumroad newsletter.

Grab your coffee, tea, or whatever it may be, and let’s cover:

  • 5 tips to generate a sale every day

  • Registration for our next course

  • How to improve your odds of success

  • Naval’s framework to be more productive

Let’s jump right in.

How To Generate A Sale Every Day

Are you a new creator trying to generate a daily sale?

Or an existing creator looking to increase your daily sales?

Small changes can make a big impact on your sales, whether it’s optimizing your Gumroad sales page or incorporating email workflows into your strategy.

So today, we’re going to cover 5 tips to help you increase your daily sales.

Use Social Media To Create An Anchor Point

The best creators use social media to create anchor points in their corners of the internet. These anchor points act as a magnet that attracts the ideal individual into your audience. Your anchor point is developed by consistently creating value within a domain.

Incorporate Email Workflows 

Lead magnets and free trials are effective ways to build your email list. The email workflows on the backend of your lead magnets and free trials are essential to generating sales. Use your email workflows to send a series of emails that nurture subscribers into customers.

80/20 Value Creation To Promotional Efforts

Spend 80% of your time creating value for your audience through problem-solving or entertainment. Spend the other 20% of your time on the promotion and distribution of your product. As a creator, you want to be known for your value creation within a community or domain. This will help develop true fans who also become customers.

Collaborate With Other Creators

Create a collaboration schedule where you’re co-creating content with other creators for various mediums. Every piece of content you create with another creator casts a net into their audience and reels them into yours. 

Write Your Headlines First

Most readers will only scan the headlines on your Gumroad sales page. Because of this, your headlines play a vital role in converting traffic into customers. A conversion rate optimization hack is to write your headlines first and let it determine the flow of your sales page. A consumer should take action solely based on your headlines.

What’s Happening In The Creator Economy

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  • 203 ways creators made their first dollar online

  • Build your email for free using Gumroad

  • How to build an online business with Dickie Bush

  • How Easlo grew his Twitter audience by 13,000 followers in seven months

  • Curious about Gumroad’s work culture?

  • Learn how to build a high-converting Gumroad sales page

Frameworks To Take On The Creator Economy

The life of a creator is an unpredictable one.

And the success of a creator is even more unpredictable.

“What works in the predictable world doesn't work in a world where randomness dominates in what makes it and what doesn't.”

- Daniel Vassallo

To increase your odds of success, you have to change how you work, operate, and learn.

For example, instead of obtaining mastery with 10,000 hours of practice, increase your odds of success by placing 10,000 bets.

Here’s how Daniel believes you should approach an unpredictable world.

How To Reach Your Creative Flow

Alaina Jensen is an artist who has created and launched 15 products on Gumroad.

But for Alaina, she had to transition from being an artist to becoming a product builder.

On the back end of this, Alaina has created a tight-knit community that continues to fuel her work.

In this episode The Gumroad Podcast, Justin Mikolay and Alaina Jensen discuss:

  • Alaina’s social strategy to engage with customers

  • How to update your product based on feedback

  • How to enter your creative flow

  • How to generate new product ideas

  • And more!

You can listen to the full episode here.

Work Like A Lion. Rest Like A Lion.

The traditional workweek is 40-hours of work. 

And some creators will grind out 60 to 80-hour workweeks in hopes of generating a high output of work.

Because of this, they run dreaded marathons instead of strategic sprints.

The way people tend to work most effectively, especially in knowledge work, is to sprint as hard as they can while they feel inspired to work, and then rest. They take long breaks. It’s more like a lion hunting and less like a marathoner running. You sprint, and then you rest. You reassess, and then you try again. You end up building a marathon of sprints.”

- Naval

So, instead of working hours on end, change how you approach your creative work.

Try sprinting, analyzing, optimizing, then resting.

And repeat.

You can read Naval’s article here.

To your success,

The Gumroad Team


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