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How To Make Your "Pipe Dreams" Come True

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No CS Degree. No problem.

Without a CS degree, Randall Kanna has worked as a front-end engineer, full-stack engineer, blockchain engineer, and iOS engineer. This all was a result of teaching herself how to code and build apps from a young age. After college, she attended the original Dev Bootcamp in San Francisco. Two weeks after completing the bootcamp, she received a full-time job offer. And just 18 months later, she was promoted to senior software engineer.

But it didn’t stop there. On top of her engineering work at companies like Pandora and Evenbrite, Randall constantly found herself getting involved in recruiting and retaining talent.

She was a natural at it.

Because of this, she amassed both technical and non-technical skills that propelled her career. So, she started writing about it. Randall started writing every day around topics like creating your own CS degree online, crushing interviews, landing your dream dev job, and succeeding as an engineer.

But Writing a Book Was a “Pipe Dream, Like Going to the Moon.”

Randall never thought she’d write a book. But because she built up the habit of writing every day for seven months, she got better at it.

And the tech publishers started knocking with offers.

She believes this was a result from working relentlessly towards her goal every day. Because even though she was building up a reputation, Randall still hadn't built up a large audience yet.

But in 2019, Randall’s Pipe Dream Came True.

Randall and her co-author published Hands-On Smart Contract Development with Solidity and Ethereum: From Fundamentals to Deployment. Randall said, “The experience was great.”

And because of the launch’s success, Randall started developing an audience organically. People started reaching out to her consistently for advice on getting a job. So, she started reviewing people’s resumes for free. This number grew to nearly 500 people a week reaching out to her via DMs and emails for advice.

And in 2020, Randall's Pipe Dream Came True...Again.

Randall says, “For engineers, it’s profoundly hard to even make it past the resume stage.”

The proof was there. The number of engineers reaching out to Randall weekly continued to grow.

So, writing a book that applied her coding skills, hiring, and writing skills to help developers land their dream job would be the next step. This time she brought on a professional editing team.

Randall says, “the team helped me all the way through the drafting process, structuring the book, and polishing the central theme, and cutting text, which made the book much more powerful and valuable.”

And on June 30th, she released The Standout Developer on Gumroad. Organically, it surpassed $1500 in pre-sales, and has generated 5 figures in sales since then.

You can buy Randall’s book here and read more about her creator journey here.

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What’s Happening In The Creator Economy

Three Online Membership Ideas You Can Launch Today

The benefits of launching an online membership are immense.

Creators like Dru Riley have become incredibly successful with this, by turning their hobbies into a subscription-based membership.

And you can too.

Here are three ideas you can launch today:

1. Digital Publications

If you’re here it’s because you’re an expert at something. And a lot of people out there would pay monthly for value regarding that something. Monetize your knowledge.

2. Consultancy Services

If you’ve built an audience, there is a high chance that individuals from your audience would like to learn from you. By creating a consultancy membership, you give the ability to work with your truest fans on a recurring basis.

3. Community

Many creators like to join communities with like-minded people who inspire and educate them. By building an exclusive community, you can bring together high-caliber creators from your specific niche together by offering a paid community.

If you’re serious about launching an online membership today, then click here and we’ll teach you how.

We have an in-depth membership article to help you with this even more, coming your way soon!

How To Grow With Other Creators

One of the best ways to grow your audience as a creator is to collaborate with other creators.

But how do you do this?

Start with what keeps you engaged on a social platform.

Find the creators that no matter what they post, you can’t help but consume it.

Now, dig and search for creators who create similar content with an audience size similar to yours.

Then use this script to reach out and collaborate.

How To Become A Full-Time Creator

Don’t ask yourself, “What do I want to be successful at?”

Instead, ask yourself, “What’s my favorite way to fail?”

This will help you determine what feels like play to you, but looks like work to others.

If you can find this, then you can find your pocket on the internet that will help you thrive.

View our Instagram account here where we go through the seven keys to help you become a full-time creator.

Keep creating, and see you next week!

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