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How to master sending cold emails

Another week in the books and another round of applause for the new creators!

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From An Instagram Agency to Cold Email Mastery

Daniel Fazio is a cold email wizard. But before that, he was an Instagram wizard. Before launching his first product on Gumroad, Daniel started an Instagram agency focused solely on helping businesses grow their accounts.

Daniel noticed their top lead gen mechanism for signing on new clients was sending cold emails. His strategy was to find a niche, scrape email addresses, add personalization, and write a killer email.

He did this hundreds of times until he mastered the art of the cold email.

With this, he quickly built a six-figure agency.

Then it all clicked.

Because Daniel is part of the marketing world, he was constantly getting targeted with marketing ads.

The common denominator in all of them?

Their focus is on helping people "get clients."

That was the constant pain point each ad addressed.

And that was the pain point Daniel solved best through his cold email mastery.

Time to monetize the "secret sauce."

So Daniel took all his knowledge, templates, scripts and packaged them quickly into an ebook that would help freelancers or agencies generate leads via cold email.

And even though he was nervous about launching his first product, he did it anyway.

It was a $17 ebook to help you master cold emailing.

He quickly overcame the doubt after the initial feedback was excellent.

People loved it.

It helped people get results.

And Daniel knew he was onto something.

Time to scale.

The messages and positive feedback didn't stop.

But alongside all the social proof, questions continued to pour in.

His customers wanted more.

So, Daniel decided to add video after video to the product after receiving a new question.

With all this new content and information at hand, Daniel spun up a full-blown course to take you from cold email rookie to cold email wizard.

It's now one of Gumroad's best-selling products, and Daniel has continued to add immense value to his customers by releasing more products based on their requests.

And it all began with a $17 ebook.

Here are his 3 tips for new creators:

1. A cold email can change your life.

The mastery of a cold email starts with the subject line, preview text, and a snippet of personalization. Nail these three aspects, and you're on your way to gaining someone's attention.

2. Start with a minimum viable product.

Don't aim to perfect your first product when you've never done something of this magnitude before. Start small. Learn fast. Then reiterate.

3. Optimize

After the market gives you the needed initial feedback, optimize. Take your MVP, your customer feedback, and optimize your product to check all the boxes.

You can get Daniel's Cold Email Mastery here.

You can see all of Daniel's products here.

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The Best Creators Steal

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And to this day, it's still true.

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If you know it, sell it.

Don't try to perfect something before letting the market validate your idea.

Create your first draft.

Launch it.

Let the market give you its feedback.

Then optimize.

Have any questions before launching? Ask us here, and we'll help guide you.

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