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Improving Gumroad Memberships

Last Thursday, we launched Gumroad Memberships, and launch day went quite well. Thank you to everyone who participated in the launch in any way. On launch day, there was a fair measure of exchanging virtual high-fives on Slack, but then we got back to it. Just because Memberships is launched doesn't mean we're done working on it. Far from it.

One small UX improvement we made over the weekend based on user feedback from the launch was an adjustment to the pricing form. Once you set the price for one payment frequency, the form calculates the equivalent price for the other payment frequencies. Now, when you enable a second and subsequent payment frequency, the form auto-fills the calculated price, rather than having you type it in yourself. See below for a 20-second tutorial on the change.

While this is a very small change that we made in response to feedback from creators, we have much bigger improvements planned. You can see the features we're planning to build for Memberships (and other aspects of Gumroad) on our public roadmap.

If you have any questions about how to take advantage of Gumroad Memberships, come to our Q&A on Wednesday, November 25 at 10AM Pacific time. Register here!

Auto-fill memberships price in 20 seconds.

When you set a price for one payment frequency, the form calculates the equivalent price for other frequencies. Now, when you select a second or subsequent frequency, the form auto-fills the calculated price for that frequency. Note that the activated annual price is in black (form data) rather than in grey (placeholder text).

Of course you can still change these prices to offer discounts to people making a longer commitment to your membership. Don't forget to save your changes!

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