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Introducing The Gumroad Podcast

Today we’re thrilled to launch The Gumroad Podcast, our flagship show for creators and digital entrepreneurs, hosted by Gumroad Senior Writer Justin Mikolay.

Episodes 1-3 are live, featuring Blake Emal, Sahil Lavingia, and Steph Smith.

Tune in and subscribe to learn from creators at the top of their game.

Info-Rich Conversations With Creators Every Week

Each week on the podcast, we channel people earning independently, sharing what they've learned, and inspiring more people to create products and start businesses.

In short, value-packed conversations, we deconstruct tactics and strategies -- and drill to the heart of our guest’s creative process. We built this show because we believe everyone should be free to create the life they want to live and turn their ideas into an income online.

Binge Listen to Episodes 1-3

All episodes will be available on your favorite podcast apps and on Gumroad’s YouTube channel.

Listen to all episodes here:

  • Episode 1 features Blake Emal, Chief Marketing Officer at Copy.AI and CEO of We talk about the future of AI-generated content and products, his portfolio of interests and products, his new course called Launchables, his creative process, and what it takes to be a great marketer.
  • Episode 2 features an entrepreneur familiar to our audience and community: Gumroad Founder and CEO, Sahil Lavingia. We talk about scaling the Gumroad team, how we work, and product releases to expect in Q3 and Q4 of this year. We’ll be checking in with Sahil every quarter (or so), giving you a window into his world and thinking on a variety of topics, in addition to periodic updates on Gumroad.
  • Episode 3 features Steph Smith, growth marketer, writer, indie maker, and Head of Trends at The Hustle. We talk about marketing, her creative process, her products Doing Content Right and Doing Time Right, and more.

Share Your Thoughts and Suggestions With Us

Send us your suggestions for the show, including guests you’d love to learn from. Subscribe now to be notified of new episodes coming every week! 

We hope you love this as much as we do! <3

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