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Native Facebook Pixel Support.

We made it as simple as possible to add true, full-featured Facebook Pixel support to your Gumroad account. Just go to your advanced settings and add a Facebook Pixel ID. We'll start sending data to Facebook about views, add to cart events, and purchases (you can turn off $0 ones). More instructions on our Help Center here.

But just because it's simple on Gumroad's side doesn't mean it's simple entirely. It can be overwhelming to get through all of Facebook's settings and figure out what you need to pay attention to. So I got Jimmy Xia (jingsketch on Gumroad) to walk me (and all of you) through his frankly beautiful setup. He's been very helpful in our Facebook group around this topic and you'll learn all you need to get started in about 20 minutes.

The video is public, so feel free to share it if you think it'll help other creators! And thank you again Jimmy!

Hope you dig it.


Sahil and the Gumroad team.

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