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NEW: Provide evidence for disputes


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I didn't sell any Product , so the client who asked for a refund is a scammer

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Dj Ale | Alesia Pianist

Didn’t sell Anthony don’t know About any client

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lol this post is really bad! I thought I had a customer disputing with me on your service site! And instead it’s an update for a feature I don’t care about. You have made me mad and wasted my time. I’m sorry but also not.

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i dont sell stuff here or anywhere, so....erm....wth? XD

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I legitimately thought a real customer was dispute a sale. Please word the email better like "NEW FEATURE: Provide ....."

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LM Santos

This is worded terribly.

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Haha I thought the same as all these others, I thought my account had been compromised and was selling fake content :D. Scary email.

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Great addition. Hopefully it doesn't get used much.

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Glenedith Candia

Gracias, he tenido problemas al respecto, no les toma la tarjeta de credito, y eso me complica bastante, porque la gente desiste de comprar con estos problemas, tambien les cuesta saber donde pinchar para comprar, el sistema no es muy intuitivo, ¿se podrá mejorar?

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I don't understand but I didn't make any se

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The Elegant Small Shop

Hello guys,How is this issue?

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Uzi Danon

create please more ways to show work to others

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