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With posts, you can now use Gumroad as your blog as well as your storefront! Just select “Post to profile” when creating a post. Above and beyond other services, you can also add attachments your readers can download.

All of these posts will sync across three places: emails, your customers’ libraries, and your creator profile. You can use them as components of a course, regular blog posts, a premium email newsletter, and more.

What does this mean?

It means that the simple grid of products that was your creator profile at the beginning of this year can be transformed into your storefront, blog, newsletter, and more.

It also means that posts are not only for your existing customers and followers, but for prospective ones too.

Posts show up on your profile:

If at any point you want to edit or remove a post, you can do that. You can also add existing posts to your profile.

Each post comes with its own page that you can share:

And you can get analytics as well:

We’re super excited about this. We want Gumroad to become the default, affordable, powerful-but-still-simple website for creators for a long time, and this is a big leap in that direction.

Happy posting!

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