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Ready To Grow? Two Free Courses From Gumroad

Hey creators!

We’re excited to share two new video courses with you:

  1. How To Create A High-Converting Gumroad Sales Page

  2. Optimizing Your Black Friday Strategy

They were created with the sole purpose to help you build a bigger audience, convert traffic into customers, and strategize a killer Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend.

Here’s what’s covered:

How To Create A High-Converting Gumroad Sales Page

It’s frustrating when you put so many hours into your content marketing and generate traffic to your Gumroad sales page, but then no one converts.

You can do everything right, but if your sales page isn’t optimized, then you’re missing out on more revenue.

This course solves that problem.

Alex walks you through the exact steps to create a Gumroad sales page that converts traffic into customers.

You’ll learn:

  • The 7 Part Blueprint To Build Your Sales Page

  • Your First Impression

  • Writing Headlines

  • Your Story

  • Writing For Scanners, And Readers

  • Show What’s Included

  • Optimizing for SEO

  • 10 Tips to Convert More Customers

Get the course here.

Optimizing Your Black Friday Strategy 

For most creators, Black Friday is their best sales revenue day, and November is usually their best month.

The problem is, most creators don’t know how to approach or create a strategy around Black Friday.

But the ones that do have record-breaking sales days.


Because they know how to position their offering to generate more sales.

And we want you to take advantage of this too.

So, in this course, you will learn:

  • Running A Pre-Black Friday Giveaway

  • Email Workflows

  • The Art Of The Bundle

  • Discount Strategies

  • Using Social To Your Advantage

  • Optimizing Your Sales Page

  • Cross-Promoting

Get the course here.

Now, it’s time to start creating, optimizing, and growing.

To your success,


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