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Six-Figures Selling Digital Art Products

Another week in the books and another round of applause for the new creators!

On Gumroad, this week alone:

  • 12,324 creators earned more than $1
  • 3,410 creators earned more than $100
  • 591 creators earned more than $1,000
  • 47 creators earned more than $10,000
  • 2 creators earned more than $100,000

Floortje Visser was a creator at heart the moment she discovered art as a child. Growing up, she always wanted a creative career but never found direction in her hobby.

Unable to pursue it full-time, Flo put art on the back burner. Instead, she studied psychology at the Open University of Amsterdam, and her dream to have a creative career dwindled as she took a desk job for several years.

But she couldn’t stay away from her creative aspirations

So, she continued to tinker in her domain. Flo didn’t let creativity leave her fingertips. She kept experimenting with digital art and also took on a new career path, a Wedding Photography business with her boyfriend.

It took off.

Shortly after, they began to win international awards, and she was finally able to ditch her desk job for the creative lifestyle she always wanted.

This re-ignited her passion for digital art

After taking an absence from digital art, Flo resurrected her Instagram account and took on a new approach. She started posting a drawing a day and focused on building an audience.

That’s when the progress started. Unlike many artists, Flo didn’t only post the final images but also the process to create stunning art.

Here is when she first had a post go viral. She showed the progress of a drawing over the course of ten seconds, one minute, and ten minutes and Instagram took notice.

This post catapulted her success, and Flo’s audience grew to the tens of thousands overnight.

So, she started scaling her winning strategy and continued to highlight the process of her art.

And now a career in digital art didn’t seem like a far-fetched dream anymore

Her Instagram continued to explode.

And it didn’t stop there. Six months later, she started a Youtube channel that would also highlight her process as a creator. During this time, Flo observed other successful artists and noticed how they monetized and thought to herself, “Hey, maybe I can do that too.”

And that’s when she discovered Gumroad.

She was already creating her own brushes in Procreate and thought to sell them. She said, “I’m just going to try it and see what happens.”

And sell them she did

What started as a few sales exploded into a full-time career as an artist, making six figures a year and over 20+ products on Gumroad.

What’s her secret?

“Not giving up when things aren’t going your way or when things are not looking too good because if we keep doing this, one day we will hit success and we’ll get there.

Flo’s much-deserved success has only continued to sky-rocket.

You can read her entire story here.

You can buy her products here.

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6 Questions To Jump Start Your Creator Journey

Before starting your journey as a creator, it’s important to ask yourself the right questions to make sure you’re headed in the right direction.

These 6 questions will help you reflect on your path:

1. What am I thinking that no one is saying?

2. Are my goals my own, or simply what I think I should want?

3. What feels like play to me, but looks like work to others?

4. What am I willing to struggle for? What’s my favorite way to fail?

5. Do I have a plan for my passion, or am I relying solely on luck?

6. If I could only work 10 hours per week, what would I do?

Use these questions to steer your creative journey.

The Best Creators Tinker

A common denominator in top creators is their ability to tinker.

It’s their curiosity to explore their domains from the inside out and build a portfolio of small bets.

Over time these small bets compound and lead to success.

View our Instagram account to learn how to become a better creator.

Create For An Audience Of One

Your goal shouldn’t be to create art for everyone, only for those within your domain.

Because of this, many people won’t engage with your work, and that’s okay.

You don’t need them.

You should put all your effort into building an audience that loves every ounce of effort you put into your work.

As they say, the riches are in the niches.

Until next week,

The Gumroad Team

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