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Turn Off Trackers: Enhance your Customers' Privacy

Creators can now disable all trackers on their profile and product pages to improve page speed and privacy.

Disabling Non-Essential Cookies

Creators can disable non-essential cookies in three quick steps.

- Go to

- Toggle off "Enable third-party analytics services" to disable cookies

- Click "Update Account Details"

For more on analytics and tracking, check out the Analytics and Tracking page in our Help Center.

Should you enable this setting?

We made this opt-in because many creators use Google, Facebook, and third-party analytics to track traffic and conversions. If you don't use anything other than Gumroad's analytics, this setting may be right for you.


  • Earn extra trust from customers by respecting their privacy.
  • Increase the speed of product and profile pages.
  • Continue using Gumroad analytics unaffected, as they are collected server-side.


  • The setting disables the Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel integrations, if in use.
  • The setting precludes using third-party analytics on Gumroad pages.
  • Our internal analytics will take a hit, but that's okay. We aren't trying to impress anyone.

One More Thing: An upcoming Q&A!

Randall Kanna is hosting another Q&A for Gumroad creators on Wednesday, Jan 27, 2021 10AM PST.

You can come prepared with questions or ask for landing page reviews live.

Sign up here:

We hope you–and your customers–like this change!

Sahil and the rest of the Gumroad team.

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