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Your Content Guide For 2022

Happy New Year, creators!

Today, we’re going to do something different.

We’re going to do a content recap with this year’s top content that will help you start 2022 on the right track.

Let’s do this!

We're going to dive through four different sections to help you jump-start 2022 with content from previous interviews, podcasts, newsletters, and tips from world-class creators.

Audience Building

How To Build A Social Media Machine

Building an audience on social media can be a creator's biggest asset and the biggest challenge. But by building a valuable, engaged audience, you will gain leverage to test, launch, and scale your products.

To learn how to build a growth machine on social media, then tap here.

How The Cold Email Wizard Built A Large Audience That He Used To Build A Business Empire

The Cold Email Wizard quickly worked up the ranks to become one of Gumroad’s top creators. In this episode of UnStuck, Daniel breaks down how he built his audience on social media, how he scaled his products, and how he continues to market his products.

You can hear Daniel break down the full blueprint here.

How To Build A Loyal Community

Building a community is like building a moat around your business or products. The stronger the community, the harder it is for other creators to compete with you. And some of the largest brands and creators you know scale on the backend of their communities.
So, we broke down the keys to building a loyal community here.

Product Development 

Framework For Launching Products

Do you have an idea but don’t know how to convert your idea into a product? Blake Emal laid down the framework he uses to trash the bad ideas, launch the good ones, and how to use social media and email to validate the demand for his products.

Use this framework to test, validate, and launch your products

How To Launch A Membership

One of the best ways to build a sustainable income as a creator is to launch a paid membership. Memberships create recurring, predictable, and passive income with the potential to compound over time. 

We wrote an all you need to know guide to create, launch, and manage your memberships here.

How To Launch An eBook

The Cold Email Wizard’s $245 course first started as a $15 eBook. Launching an eBook is an effective way to test an idea, launch your first product, and start building an income as an online creator. And the best part is that it can be built and launched fast.
To help, we put together a comprehensive guide with everything you need to know to start, develop, and market your eBook.

Conversion Rate Optimization

SEO Tips For Your Gumroad Page

Want new quality customers discovering your products every day? Then it’s key to optimize your Gumroad sales page for Google and Gumroad’s Discover page. You will put your product at the forefront of relevant searches and make them more discoverable when customers search for products like yours.

You can learn how to optimize your sales page’s SEO here.

How To Build A High-Converting Gumroad Sales Page

It can be frustrating to drive ample traffic to your product, but then no one converts. On the other end, a high converting sales page is the gift that keeps on giving. The problem is most creators don’t know how to structure their sales pages and end up having it bottle-neck their growth.
So, we put together a free course that provides you with a blueprint to optimize your sales page from start to finish.

Inspiring Creator Stories

Vegalia’s Journey To Become A Full-Time Digital Artist

When Vegalia was in high school, her counselor advised her to ignore her passion for art and to focus on marketing and business. Her exact words were, “I don’t think you’ll make it in the art industry.” Fast forward, and Vegalia became one of Gumroad’s top creators and an emerging star in the digital art world.

You can read her story here and listen to her on an episode on Unstuck here.

How Easlo Went From $0 to $25k In 9 Months

Nine months ago, Easlo was just starting his journey as a creator. No audience, no products, and no experience monetizing his skills. Fast forward to today, and Easlo built an audience of 25k+ on Twitter, became a Notion expert, and has launched 20 products on Gumroad generating over $25k.

You can learn how he did it here.

How Dickie Bush Built An Internet Business

Not long ago, Dickie Bush couldn’t seem to create and publish his ideas until he challenged himself to write on Twitter for 30 days straight. Little did he know this would be the genesis of his business, Ship 30 for 30. And now, Ship 30 for 30 has helped thousands of creators build an audience and develop a writing habit that helps propel their careers and businesses.

You can learn how he did it here.

And what should you expect in 2022 from the Gumroad team?

More and more content to help you thrive along this journey.

We’re building the ultimate university for creators to build a sustainable income doing what they love.

You can dive through all of our content here.

We’re excited for what you’re going to do this year,

The Gumroad Team

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