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    Your Content Guide For 2022

    From $0 to $27k In 8 Months

    Customizable product URLs

    How To Build A Loyal Community

    Become ‘UnStuck’

    Increase Your Revenue With These 5 Emails

    Daniel Vassallo's Black Friday Tips

    A new Gumroad launches this Black Friday. Get a sneak peek!

    Are You Ready For Black Friday?

    How Justin Welsh Built A $1,300,000 Business

    How To Convert Readers To Customers

    New Feature: Circle Community Integration

    Ready To Grow? Two Free Courses From Gumroad

    How To Generate A Sale Every Day

    5 SEO Tips To Optimize Your Gumroad Sales Page

    5 Ways To Grow Your Email List

    Sahil's Framework To Become A “Minimalist Entrepreneur”

    102 Tips For Creators, By Creators

    How To Package Your Skills As Digital Products

    5 Ways To Double Your Membership Sales

    How To Differentiate Yourself As A Creator

    5 Awesome Free Products to Download

    The Formula To Six-Figure Products

    5 Tips To Build A Business Empire

    $500,000,000 Straight To Your Pockets

    New, Simplified Pricing on Gumroad: Pay Less as You Earn More

    Build A Social Media Growth Machine

    6 Actionable Tips To Grow a Profitable Membership

    Introducing The Gumroad Podcast

    Your Resource Center For Success: The Gumroad Blog

    Your Five Steps To Financial Freedom

    You Can Now Mark Products as an e-Publication for EU VAT Purposes

    5 Popular Gumroad Products to Download for Free

    Exciting News: You Can Now Organize Files in Folders

    We Now Support Direct Bank Transfer to More Countries

    Use This Framework To Launch A Product

    We Now Support Direct Bank Transfers to More EU Countries

    Generate an income as a Gumroad affiliate

    How To Make Your "Pipe Dreams" Come True

    "You Won't Make It" To Full-Time Creator

    From ‘How-to’ Articles To $25k In One Month

    Educator Turned Creator & Creator Collaborations

    Six-Figures Selling Digital Art Products

    How to master sending cold emails

    From Marvel to Self-Publishing + Gumroad Widgets

    How to Create a High Converting Gumroad Sales Page in 6 Steps and more!

    The Gumroad Newsletter

    Exciting News: We Now Accept Apple Pay!

    We're Starting a Weekly Newsletter!

    🆕 Two-Factor Authentication

    🆕 Our Overlay and Embed now supports affiliates

    🆕 Distinct product thumbnails on your profile, your customers libraries, and Discover

    🆕 Issue partial refunds for membership payments

    🆕 Target your followers who aren't customers–yet!

    Take home 100% on April 7th for #GumroadDay

    See the products you're an affiliate for, with a new dashboard

    Memberships: Send All Posts to Your Members

    Turn Off Trackers: Enhance your Customers' Privacy

    Creator Spotlight: Noelle's Stevenson's Creative Journey

    A Redesigned Gumroad Library with Search and Filtering

    Event Alert: Sahil Lavingia teaches customizing your Gumroad pages

    Last Year in the Creator Economy

    Announcing Gumroad University, our best resources by creators, for creators

    Join the Creator Community Census

    Creator Spotlight: Dru Riley's Success on Gumroad

    Q&A with Daniel Vassallo (Head of Product) and Randall Kanna (Head of Community)

    Action Required: PayPal Connect Going Live Jan 1, 2021

    PayPal Connect Going Live Jan 1, 2021

    Action Required: PayPal Connect Going Live Jan 1, 2021

    A Million Dollars in a Day, Twice: Black Friday and Cyber Monday Field Report

    Updated Payment Frequency Selector for Single-Tier Memberships

    Creator Dashboard App for Android

    Improving Gumroad Memberships

    Creator Spotlight: Kristina Garner's Success on Gumroad

    Introducing Gumroad Memberships

    Exploring Gumroad's New Look

    A Balance of Features

    A Sample of User Interface Quality Improvements

    Creator Spotlight: Arvid Kahl's Success on Gumroad

    Feature Announcement: Description per File

    October Creator Challenge and Q&A

    Creator Spotlight: Floortje Visser's Success On Gumroad

    Posts and Customers Update: Select Multiple Products, Versions, and Tiers

    Creator Spotlight: Jesse Enkamp's Success on Gumroad

    Connecting PayPal directly to your Gumroad account

    Creator Spotlight: Ed Latimore's Success on Gumroad

    Creator Spotlight: Philip Kiely's Success on Gumroad


    Creator Spotlight: Randall Kanna's Success on Gumroad

    Creator Spotlight: Daniel Vassallo's Success on Gumroad

    Reorder Tiers and Versions

    Update Customers' Variants/Versions/Tiers

    Native Facebook Pixel Support.

    Enhancements to Product Versions

    Custom Delivery for All!

    Different Files Per Version

    Three New Themes!

    Gumroad now auto-enables HTTPS on custom domains

    Partial Refunds


    Just getting started as a creator? Do these five things to set yourself up for success

    Send Missed Updates to Customers

    Selected Tags on Your Creator Profile

    Meet a Creator: 6 Rapid-Fire Questions with Julia Evans

    Meet a Creator: 5 Rapid-Fire Questions with Santiago “PitPit” Esparza

    Introducing: Gumroadians

    Clarifying What is–and isn’t–Allowed on Gumroad