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    Resources to help creators and digital entrepreneurs learn and earn more. Follow us to receive helpful content every week, delivered directly to your inbox. Gumroad's official account.

    Redesigned Profiles and Posts

    Your Content Guide For 2022

    From $0 to $27k In 8 Months

    Customizable product URLs

    How To Build A Loyal Community

    Become ‘UnStuck’

    Increase Your Revenue With These 5 Emails

    Daniel Vassallo's Black Friday Tips

    A new Gumroad launches this Black Friday. Get a sneak peek!

    Are You Ready For Black Friday?

    How Justin Welsh Built A $1,300,000 Business

    How To Convert Readers To Customers

    New Feature: Circle Community Integration

    Ready To Grow? Two Free Courses From Gumroad

    How To Generate A Sale Every Day

    5 SEO Tips To Optimize Your Gumroad Sales Page

    5 Ways To Grow Your Email List

    Sahil's Framework To Become A “Minimalist Entrepreneur”

    102 Tips For Creators, By Creators

    How To Package Your Skills As Digital Products

    5 Ways To Double Your Membership Sales

    How To Differentiate Yourself As A Creator

    5 Awesome Free Products to Download

    The Formula To Six-Figure Products

    5 Tips To Build A Business Empire

    $500,000,000 Straight To Your Pockets

    New, Simplified Pricing on Gumroad: Pay Less as You Earn More

    Build A Social Media Growth Machine

    6 Actionable Tips To Grow a Profitable Membership

    Introducing The Gumroad Podcast

    Your Resource Center For Success: The Gumroad Blog

    Your Five Steps To Financial Freedom

    You Can Now Mark Products as an e-Publication for EU VAT Purposes

    5 Popular Gumroad Products to Download for Free

    Exciting News: You Can Now Organize Files in Folders

    We Now Support Direct Bank Transfer to More Countries

    Use This Framework To Launch A Product

    We Now Support Direct Bank Transfers to More EU Countries

    Generate an income as a Gumroad affiliate

    How To Make Your "Pipe Dreams" Come True

    "You Won't Make It" To Full-Time Creator

    From ‘How-to’ Articles To $25k In One Month

    Educator Turned Creator & Creator Collaborations

    Six-Figures Selling Digital Art Products

    How to master sending cold emails

    From Marvel to Self-Publishing + Gumroad Widgets

    How to Create a High Converting Gumroad Sales Page in 6 Steps and more!

    The Gumroad Newsletter

    Exciting News: We Now Accept Apple Pay!

    We're Starting a Weekly Newsletter!

    🆕 Two-Factor Authentication

    🆕 Our Overlay and Embed now supports affiliates

    🆕 Distinct product thumbnails on your profile, your customers libraries, and Discover

    🆕 Issue partial refunds for membership payments

    🆕 Target your followers who aren't customers–yet!

    Take home 100% on April 7th for #GumroadDay

    See the products you're an affiliate for, with a new dashboard

    Memberships: Send All Posts to Your Members

    Turn Off Trackers: Enhance your Customers' Privacy

    Creator Spotlight: Noelle's Stevenson's Creative Journey

    A Redesigned Gumroad Library with Search and Filtering

    Event Alert: Sahil Lavingia teaches customizing your Gumroad pages

    Last Year in the Creator Economy

    Announcing Gumroad University, our best resources by creators, for creators

    Join the Creator Community Census

    Creator Spotlight: Dru Riley's Success on Gumroad

    Q&A with Daniel Vassallo (Head of Product) and Randall Kanna (Head of Community)

    Action Required: PayPal Connect Going Live Jan 1, 2021

    PayPal Connect Going Live Jan 1, 2021

    Action Required: PayPal Connect Going Live Jan 1, 2021

    A Million Dollars in a Day, Twice: Black Friday and Cyber Monday Field Report

    Updated Payment Frequency Selector for Single-Tier Memberships

    Creator Dashboard App for Android

    Improving Gumroad Memberships

    Creator Spotlight: Kristina Garner's Success on Gumroad

    Introducing Gumroad Memberships

    Exploring Gumroad's New Look

    A Balance of Features

    A Sample of User Interface Quality Improvements

    Creator Spotlight: Arvid Kahl's Success on Gumroad

    Feature Announcement: Description per File

    October Creator Challenge and Q&A

    Creator Spotlight: Floortje Visser's Success On Gumroad

    Posts and Customers Update: Select Multiple Products, Versions, and Tiers

    Creator Spotlight: Jesse Enkamp's Success on Gumroad

    Connecting PayPal directly to your Gumroad account

    Creator Spotlight: Ed Latimore's Success on Gumroad

    Creator Spotlight: Philip Kiely's Success on Gumroad


    Creator Spotlight: Randall Kanna's Success on Gumroad

    Creator Spotlight: Daniel Vassallo's Success on Gumroad

    Reorder Tiers and Versions

    Update Customers' Variants/Versions/Tiers

    Native Facebook Pixel Support.

    Enhancements to Product Versions

    Custom Delivery for All!

    Different Files Per Version

    Three New Themes!

    Gumroad now auto-enables HTTPS on custom domains

    Partial Refunds


    Just getting started as a creator? Do these five things to set yourself up for success

    Send Missed Updates to Customers

    Selected Tags on Your Creator Profile

    Meet a Creator: 6 Rapid-Fire Questions with Julia Evans

    Meet a Creator: 5 Rapid-Fire Questions with Santiago “PitPit” Esparza

    Introducing: Gumroadians

    Clarifying What is–and isn’t–Allowed on Gumroad